Südtirol Arena Alto Adige
Südtirol Arena Alto Adige
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Biathlon World Cup 23/01 - 26/01/2025
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A place to share the thrills
The Südtirol Arena Alto Adige

It is the largest in South Tyrol and one of the most renowned winter sports centres in the world: the biathlon and cross-country skiing centre "Südtirol Arena Alto Adige" in the Antholzertal valley! The venue of the Biathlon World Cup, one of the most popular sports events in South Tyrol, attracts every year international biathlon and cross-country skiing athletes to train on its 20 perfectly groomed kilometres of slopes. But of course you won't miss out as a spectator either, as you can unleash all your enthusiasm for the biathlon and share all the excitement with the athletes from the stands.


Good to know: At the Ski School Antholzertal you can participate in biathlon courses (all year round) or cross-country skiing courses (in winter).

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A place to enjoy
For all fans of cross-country skiing

Follow in the footsteps of the biathlon elite and enjoy cross-country skiing up close on the slopes of the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige. Both beginners and experienced skiers will find the right trail to practice classic cross-country skiing or skating, to enhance their techniques and... to have fun! Overlooking the ice-covered Rieserferner mountain range, the 20 piste kilometres of the winter sports centre will lead you through snow-covered forests and across the frozen Lake Antholz. Whether you are looking for the right equipment or need some tips and tricks from the experts, you can always rely on the staff of the Sport Taschler rental service and on the qualified instructors of the Ski School Antholzertal, which are both located in the building of the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige.

Did you know that there are also various activities waiting for you here in summer?

A place to explore
The Südtirol Arena Alto Adige in summer

Always wanted to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Biathlon Centre? Get an insight into the organisational processes of the famous winter sports centre? In that case: don’t miss out on the stadium tours in summer! Alongside a tour of the sports facilities, the grandstands and the administrative building – which is also the headquarters of the Biathlon Committee – you can listen to interesting background stories and facts about the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige or learn more about the world of biathlon during a film projection.

The guided tours take place every Tuesday and Thursday from the beginning of May until the end of October. Visits in Italian language are offered on Tuesdays.

Further information & reservation of the stadium tours
Biathlon, mascot "Bumsi" | © Taferner Christian
Biathlon, mascot "Bumsi" | © Taferner Christian
Events in WINTER
  • Biathlon South Tyrol Cup: 21.12.2024
  • IBU Biathlon Worldcup: 23.-26.01.2025
  • Italian Biathlon Championship: 14.-16.01.2025
  • Olympic Winter Games (Biathlon):  06.-22.02.2026
Biathlon | © Taferner Christian

Exactly 70 years after Cortina and 20 years after Turin, the world's largest winter sports event will once again take place in Italy. The candidature of Milan and Cortina won the bid for the Olympic Winter Games 2026. 

Antholz will host the Biathlon competitions. Thus, for the first time in sports history, Olympic medals will be won on South Tyrolean soil.
The 25th Olympic Winter Games will take place from 6 to 22 February 2026, the Paralympics from 6 to 15 March 2026, although these competitions will not be held in Antholz.


DATE: 06.02. - 22.02.2026