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The customs and traditions of our Blue Valley have always played an essential role in the cultural and social life of the valley's inhabitants. Traditional and lively events, folk dances and bands as well as living faith are deeply rooted in an identity that is passed on from generation to generation. From religious celebrations such as the Sacred Heart Festival in June, the Bartholomew Market in August, the Kirchtag in October or rural festivals such as the Almabtrieb (drive from the mountain pastures) in September – there are many opportunities to witness our customs and traditions at first hand! Dressed in their original costumes, the local folk dance group of the village of Oberrasen/Rasun di Sopra and the valley's four music bands never miss any of these festivals to revive traditional folk dances and songs and thus create a special atmosphere. Another long-standing event is the Noriker Show, which presents the graceful Alpine horses every two years.

Dairy products | © Anna Notdurfter
Dairy products | © Anna Notdurfter
Local products: Authentic, sustainable & delicious!

Herbs, potatoes, meat, cheese, milk, liquors and much more! The Antholzertal valley features a great variety of regional quality products, which are produced with utmost dedication and care by our local farmers and traditional manufactures. From organic cultivation and animal welfare up to a careful, traditional processing, authenticity and sustainability are of the highest importance to ensure the taste, freshness and high quality of these products. Furthermore, the sale of regional goods not only supports the local circular economy, but also contributes significantly to the preservation and sustainable development of our valley which represents an important step in safeguarding our charming and unspoilt landscape.

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