Holiday locations
1.090 m

Niederrasen is the first village in the Antholz Valley, directly at the entrance of the valley. The skiing area Kronplatz is only 3 km away.

Map of Niederrasen
1.090 m

Oberrasen is the second village in the Antholz Valley and is located only one kilometre away from Niederrasen.

Map of Oberrasen
1.100 m
Antholz Niedertal

6 km further down the valley, in a quiet location and surrounded by the peaks of the Rieserferner group, is the village of Antholz Niedertal.

Map of Antholz Niedertal
1.250 m
Antholz Mittertal

Antholz Mittertal and Niederrasen are the 2 largest villages in the Antholz valley. Antholz Mittertal is about 10 km from the entrance to the Antholz valley. The village is also an ideal starting point for great hikes and mountain tours.

Map of Antholz Mittertal
1.300 m
Antholz Obertal

Antholz Obertal is the last village in the valley and has no traditional village centre, the farms and houses are rather scattered on the meadows. The well-known biathlon centre 'Südtirol Arena Alto Adige' and Lake Antholz are located at the very end of the valley.

Map of Antholz Obertal
1.000 m

The fraction Neunhäusern consists of only about more than 9 houses. Neunhäusern is located on the main Pustertal valley road, coming from the west just before the entrance to the Antholz valley.

Map of Neunhäusern