Biathlon rifle closeup | © Manuel Kottersteger
Biathlon rifle shooting in the stadium | © Manuel Kottersteger
Biathlon rifle in the stadium | © Manuel Kottersteger

Concentrating, even when the heart rate has gone up to 180 and won’t quit, allowing the hand to bob up and down in rhythm to the blood. Reducing the entire world for just a moment to only the line of sight – with the biathlon, a lot more is demanded than just stamina and energy. It is also about command of the body here. Anyone who would like to try out this sport once can do so at any time at the Antholz Biathlon Center – either in the form of a course or else in a race for fun with friends.

The biathlon high point of every season in the area is very clearly the World Cup that is held here every year. It simply has to be experienced how thousands of spectators and fans from all over the entire world cross their fingers for their favorites who have traveled here from far and wide and also get a roar going together in the stadium and the festival tent. During the day, it’s the stands that are shaking, and at night it’s the dance floors. The renowned biathlon World Cup race is more than just a sporting event in the midst of the wild and breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery. This is where winter itself is celebrated.


The Antholz Valley is a term for all those who are interested in sports and especially winter sports. The valley is home to the renowned biathlon and cross country skiing center Südtirol Arena Alto Adige, which has frequently been the venue for the Biathlon World Cup race. The setting around the center is uniquely beautiful. Surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Rieserferner chain and in the immediate vicinity of the Lake Antholz, the landscape has so much to offer and forms the perfect backdrop for Nordic skiers and biathletes.


The biathlon and cross country skiing center consists of the main building and of course many trails with different degrees of difficulty from easy to challenging. It is possible to ski in the classic or skating style on around 60 km (nearly 40 miles) of trails.


Biathlon courses are offered throughout the entire year, while cross country ski courses are held only in the wintertime. But during the summer, the routes can also be used with ski rollers or by joggers.